ÖZAK Textile is established with the mission of producing high quality jeans, trouser and leisure dressing in 1985. Company becomes a producer which is renowned and preferred domestically with its high quality denim products in five years.

ÖZAK Textile turned an export-focused company which offers its collections developed in own design department to international customers after 1990.

Its main equipment pool is comprised of about 560 state-of-art machineries. Production department has a modern operation environment which is equipped with computer technologies with Gerber devices for pattern preparation, cloth spreading and outputs. ÖZAK Leaching is a superior, integrated ISO certified facility with its advanced technologies which determines the trend by developing new techniques and technologies by Product and Production Development department and offering the products developed to its customers. Having a daily capacity of 18.000 pieces and able to be organized as not being affected due to instant order increases, ÖZAK leaching has a robust equipment poll which is equipped with full automatic computer controlled monitoring system.

Providing product and service at international standards with the technology used and developed by, integrating its production technology with fashion and offering them to with communication skills, Özak Textile places outmost importance to personnel training, team work and customers as well.

Fabric Research & Development unit sustains the development of new fabric types according to needs of customers. Design and Fabric Research & Development unit develops new fabrics and leaches by attending the most important fairs all around the world. Design department develops new collections in order to offer customers the latest trend once in three months by applying leaches consistent to current fashion to these new fabric qualities. ÖZAK Textile considerably decreased delivery times of its production by keeping these fabric qualities that he developed and believed to be demanded at most in its inventory.

For detailed information please visit www.ozaktekstil.com.tr