Founded in a small atelier in 1985 , Özak Textile attained high quality standards to which he has targeted since its establishment in a short period of time; thanks to its design power which follows quality production and current fashion trends, started production and trade for export purposes following as of 1990 and becomes a preferred company in international arena in a short time. Özak Textile currently produces for many leading brand of the world.in its factory occupying an enclosed area of 15.000 m2 to which it moved in 1999; and finally in Çatalca and Malatya factories commissioned in next years with its around 1.500 personnel. Operating in its sector for many years, Özak Textile is one of the driving companies of Turkish Economy, which is indicated as a model with its successes.

Our group operates in the fields such as Construction, Energy, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) and Tourism for the last 15 years.

ÖZAK REIT, our Real Estate Investment Trust interested in urban regeneration projects. INTER-ER CONSTRUCTION engages in both contracting business and carries out undertaking businesses of our group. ÖZAK ENERGY develops projects on renewable energy resources.

Being in service with the name of ELA Quality Resort in Belek, Antalya in tourism field following as of May, 2007, our five-star, and 640-rooms facility takes its place among the most popular tourism facilities of our country and in particular Turkish-Ottoman style architectural concept constitutes an important precedent for introducing culture of our country to domestic and foreign guests.

Bringing all its companies together under umbrella of ÖZAK GLOBAL HOLDING INC. by the end of 2009, ÖZAK GROUP expedites its works on projects which will make a distinguished name for himself with right moves that he lunged by closely following up world tourism, textile and construction technologies and trends.