As Özak Global, even as an intern we see every friend of ours as a part of the team and we believe that our interns will someday be our colleagues. That’s why we present students the opportunity of an internship which goes beyond usual internships. We know that the more we contribute to our young friends’ education, the more they will contribute to our success.

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I have read Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) “Clarification text”. I accept my data to be processed within this scope. I want to receive all electronic massages. I consent to relevant notifications.


General Clarification About the Law
Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698 has been accepted on the date of 24 March 2016 and it has come into force on the date of 7 April 2016 by being published in the Official Gazette number 29677 on the same date. According to 32nd Article of Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698 with the title of Enforcement, six months later from the publishing date of 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Articles of this law, in other words 6 months after 07 April 2016 it has become enforced starting from the date of 07 October 2016. Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698 has been accepted with the purpose of protecting the individuals' fundamental rights and freedoms in the processing of personal data by notably having the right of privacy and to arrange the procedures and rudiments to be observed by real and legal persons processing the personal data together with their obligations.

Data Supervisor Clarification
As ÖZAK GLOBAL HOLDİNG A.Ş. having its detailed corporate information published below and in our capacity of Data Supervisor, we will use your personal data by complying with the related legislation in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698.

Which of Your Personal Data We Are Processing?
In case of sharing with us or if required, your personal data and your special personal data which may be subjected to processing by us are as stated below: Information Taking Place in Job Application Form, Name-, Surname, birth place, birth date, Gender, Civil State, Photograph, Criminal Record Registry Information, Financial Information, activity information other than job, Personal Property Declaration, Bank account information, Wage information, Communication Information, Legal residential Place, Home Telephone Number, Cellular Telephone Number, Personal e-mail address, Personal Registered Electronic Mail Address, state of being handicapped, blood group, smoking and etc. data, Health Information, former Business Place Information, Letter of Recommendation or working certificate, education information, information in the diploma, information in the certificates, military service information, beginning and ending date of military service, family information, reference information, other information indicated in your resume, Business Place records, Entry and exit information to/from business place and their image recordings, your image recordings done with closed circuit security camera system (CCTV), photograph, Driver's License data, competences, hobby, wage expectation, military service state, reference information (name and surname, title, business place, telephone, e-mail of reference person) and all kinds of word, excel, presentation files added to resume, if any, in case of you forward us verbally, physically or in electronic environment and in the state of showing reference person; information obtained from these persons, information taken from the representatives of the business place you worked before your application, your data that can be reached digitally or from non-digital media, by including employment platforms of,, linkedin , etc., your personal data you have shared in all kinds of online platforms, photograph and video recordings forwarded in the scope of address, surveys, form filling and competitions and all kinds of other Personal Data you have shared with us in any way over the channels stated above, information related to your utilization from the goods and services we present, Personal Data collected with automatic calling machines, image and voice devices and cookies or other means, social media tools, updated information shared by us by our business partners, suppliers and other third parties by being based on your permission given previously, page imaging information; information such as searched term and search results, Personal Data such as paid listings, sponsored connections.

What is the Way of Processing Your Personal Data?
As per Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698, with the capacity of Data Supervisor, doing the realization of all kinds processes on your data such as obtaining and recording your personal data and your special personal data you share with our Company through completely or partially automated or non-automated ways or with the condition of being the part of any data recording system, storing the same as needed for the purpose of processing, keeping, changing, rearranging, explaining, transferring, taking over, bringing to state of obtaining, classifying or preventing the using shall be possible by us.

What are the Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data and it's Legal Reasons?
We are processing your personal data with the purposes such as evaluating Employee Candidate's qualification, experience and interest to compliance with the open position, if needed, to do the correctness control of the information forwarded by Employee Candidate or to do research about Employee Candidate by reaching out to third persons, to communicate with Employee Candidate about the application and recruitment process or if appropriate, to communicate with Employee Candidate for a position becoming vacant later on, to do orientation with our other suitable connected companies, to meet the requirements of any legislation or demands of the authorized institution or establishment, to develop and improve Company's recruitment principles applied by it, to provide the security of the Company.

Who are the persons and what are the Institutions we may transfer your Personal Data?
With the purposes indicated above, persons/institutions we may transfer your personal data you shared with us are; Özak Global Holding A.Ş, Özak Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş., Özak Yenigün Ziylan Adi Ortaklığı, İnt-Er Yapı İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., Aktay Otel İşletmeleri A.Ş., Akyön Tesis Yönetim Hizmetleri A.Ş., Akyön Özel Güvenlik ve Koruma Hizmetleri A.Ş., Kamer İnşaat Ticaret ve Sanayii A.Ş., Özak Tekstil Konfeksiyon Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., being in the first place and our main shareholders, direct / indirect inland / abroad subsidiaries; program partner institutions, inland / abroad institutions, business partners, suppliers, service provider companies that we obtain services, cooperate in order to conduct our activities, inland and abroad servers we use, inland and abroad institutions from which we get cloud service, persons and establishments processing date, giving measurement, targeting, profiling support in the name of data supervisor, audit companies, public institutions and establishments due to legal compulsion and other 3rd Parties.

How your Personal Data is collected?
Your personal data can be collected in verbal, written or electronic environment through our internet site,,, linkedin etc. employment platforms, all kinds of digital media, telephone interview, activities of our employees in human resources department, forms and applications collected from the candidates, channel such as digital marketing and call center, membership forms, online applications, cookies, mobile applications, electronic mails, social media channels, search engines, our dealers, references, solution partners. We shall process your personal data that you shared with us by complying with Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698 and related legislation and in order to be able to do the services we give to our customers in compliance with the requirements of agreement and technology, to be able to improve the products and services we present to you, to conduct our marketing activities, to inform you about our campaigns, to be able to record your proposals, demands and complaints, to give services in the direction of your needs by getting to know you better, to be able to do sales and marketing analyzes, to be able to do profiling and targeting and to determine our commercial strategies.

What are your rights as per Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698?
11th Article of Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698 has entered into force on the date of 07 October 2016 and in accordance with the related Article, your rights are as stated below.
Everyone has the right regarding the below stated by applying to date supervisor;
a) To learn whether or not personal data was processed,
b) To demand related information if personal data was processed,
c) To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether data was used by complying with its purpose,
ç) To know the third parties to who the personal data was transferred inland and abroad,
d) To request the correction in case of processing the personal data missing or wrong,
e) To request the deletion or removal of personal data within the conditions foreseen in Article 7,
f) To request the notification of personal data to third parties regarding the processes done as per (d) and (e) clauses,
g) To object the occurrence of a result against the person by way of analyzing the processed data exclusively by means of automatic systems,
ğ) To demand the elimination of loss, in the event of suffering loss because of processing the personal data illegally.

Application Procedure to Data Supervisor
In accordance with the first paragraph of 13th Article in KVK Law; there is the requirement for the application to be in writing related to these rights to be done to our Company as the data responsible or must be forwarded to us with the other methods determined by Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”). In this framework, application to be done to our Company ''in written form'' shall be forwarded to us:
• With the application of Applicant,
• Through Notary Public,
• By signing by the Applicant with ''safe electronic signature'' defined in Electronic Signature Law Number 5070 and by way of sending the same to Company's registered electronic mail address.

For you to use these rights, our communication information is as stated below:
Title : Özak Global Holding A.Ş.
Central Registration System no : 0662078541700017
E-mail address :
Mail address : İkitelli OSB Mah. 10 Cad. No:7 D:16 ikitelli Başakşehir / İstanbul

By accepting this Form by clicking it, you are approving by obtaining the required information in the particulars written above.

Approval With the Scope of Law About the Arrangement of Electronic Commerce

In the scope of Law Number 6563 About the Arrangement of Electronic Commerce Özak Global Holding A.Ş, I openly consent to all kinds of electronic message (including Call Center, Electronic Mail, SMS and MMS) to be delivered through Özak Global Holding A.Ş., subsidiaries, associated companies, commercial business partners, Özak Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş, Aktay Otel İşletmeleri A.Ş., Akyön Tesis Yönetim Hizmetleri A.Ş, Kamer İnşaat Ticaret Sanayii A.Ş. , Özak Yenigün Ziylan Adi Ortaklığı and the other channels.

Customer can cancel his/her membership by sending e-mail to address if the Customer wants not have the continuation of the above stated communication activities directed to him/her and wants to change his/her data sharing preferences.

By accepting this Form by clicking it, you are approving by obtaining the required information in the particulars written above.