Pioneer ÖZAK...

Employee in Özak Global Holding: Is a member of a young and dynamic family who always pursues innovation, believes in change and differentiation.

    We are here first for our Customer

  • We believe that our customers deserve the best.
  • We reassure our customers.
  • We develop solutions fast.
  • We display a simple, transparent and consistent approach.

    We are an Agile Team

  • We believe that success is a result of being fast, result-oriented and flexible.
  • We get strength from our ambition and enthusiasm.
  • We run together towards same target.

    We believe in open communication

  • We establish sincere and honest relationships.
  • We share our knowledge and support different views.
  • We learn from our mistakes, question ourselves in order to attain better.

    We create difference

  • We never give up pioneering.
  • We support creative idea in every field.
  • We undertake responsibility, make bold decisions and attain the result.

    We value human

  • We believe that our employees are at the heart of our success.
  • We add value with social responsibility awareness.

Based on our values,

To be the most admired and desired to be worked in, as Özak Global Holding, by this means, to recruit, develop and retain the bests is our primary human resource strategy. Our human resource applications which are innovative, pioneering and valuing the human in order to bring this strategy into life:

Internal Customer Management

We help our employees which we conceive them as “Internal Customer” for them to obtain differentiating experience with our human-oriented approach which values them in order to understand their needs and expectations.

Organizational Change

We revise regularly and systematically the business manners, processes and organizational structure and realize necessary improvement and change management activities in order to maintain competitive and leader position of our company.

Employee satisfaction

We, as Özak Human Resources, observe customer satisfaction and corporate benefit balance in all our activities. In this scope, we implement survey application and follow up actions that we monitor employee commitment and satisfaction regularly in every year.