Established in 1995, INT-ER CONSTRUCTION is a company which operates in domestic and foreign undertaking works in construction sector of our group. We serve in projects that we undertake by implementing project and subcontract management activities at various stages from projecting to delivery of the key.

INT-ER Construction operates in construction projecting, implementation and construction of Dams, Energy Generation and Transmission Centers, Factory, Production Centers, Business Centers, Shopping Centers, Tourism, Hotel, Hospital, Residences, Social Facilities, Infrastructure, Bonded Warehouses etc. with a serious engineering team.

He operates actively in pre-engineering research and development works, preparation and realization of prefabricated and modular steel structures on various construction techniques.

Combining own culture with modern architectural technology and being a preferred hotel as placed at the top of list from very beginning of its opening in Tourism field with its specific style in this concept, ELA Resort Hotel is one of the projects of INT-ER CONSTRUCTION.