• We will continue to be leader in the "Markets that we provide product and service" thanks to our "Corporate Values".
  • We will create outstanding satisfaction and provide value beyond expectation in products and services that we cater to our Customers and Business Partners and in collaboration that we developed with them.
  • We will continue to be a corporation that our employees want to work as a first choice and in which they trust.
  • We will be a corporation that is ranked at the top of preference list of capital and we will add value to capital constantly.
  • We will be a preferred target customer of suppliers, with which is renowned by our quality, reliability and value provided in the world.
  • We will be a corporation which is sensitive and harmonious to natural and societal environment, furthermore, providing economic, technological and social benefit.


  • We aim at being a corporation having such qualifications; generating profit to partners
  • Providing added value to customers
  • Relying on employees
  • Beneficial to society
  • Environment friendly
  • Creative and innovative
  • Integrated with world markets
  • Prioritizing accuracy in its relations
  • Esteemed and consistent
  • Striving for the perfect in every business conducted and transferring above values from one generation and the other without compromising.