Continuous development of each employee is an indispensible requirement in rapid changing and competitive business world in order to be able to always target better and more challenging successes.

Özak Global considers that sustaining the continuity of both individual and team performances of each employee at an increasing rate and attainment of business targets that are ever-changing and becoming more challenging every year are only and only possible with bringing development solution designed in parallel with company targets into life.

Özak Academy, based on this consciousness, established with the mission of increasing performance of company integrally investing in development which facilitates and enriches life of each employee who runs towards these targets.

While realizing this mission, in order to understand and analyze business needs accurately, use all internal and external resources in the systems most efficiently and effectively, realize right development investments in the right time and fast and realize continuous improvement by assessing the feedback, he continuously develops own professional staff and in particularly works as a team with its strategic business partner identity with business units and managerial team.

Integrating its vision with the brands that will play premier league of the world, Özak Global performs its training and development activities under below headings in order to enhance the individual and professional competences of his employees in order to attain this objective:

Orientation Training
Trainings for new recruited personnel to enable them being familiar with objectives and policies, and structure of our company, his/her job, authority and responsibility and business processes of other departments.

Basic Training
Trainings for new recruited personnel to bring basic information, skills and attitudes required by job to which s/he is assigned in them.

Development Training
Trainings that we applied for our personnel currently working in order to provide them with information about development and innovations related with its own field and enable them to develop their skills.

Integration Training
Programs for personnel who is assigned to a new post in order to bring the competences required by new post in them. These types of programs which do not sustain escalation of staff title, rather shifting business or job field is at expertise and profession training.

On-the-job Training
Trainings that are provided on the job which sustains our employees to have knowledge about his job, in particular professional and technical issues.

Özak Academy Training Methods
Classroom Training
Training platform which targets to change of a certain behavior and enhance a knowledge-skills, held with at least 8 attendant and 16 at maximum in a classroom environment with trainers.

Seminars and Conferences
Platforms that are attended by employees in order to develop and enrich business models and processes by following up developments, new trends in Turkey and World concerning own professional fields.

Applied with the support of outsourced consultants, coaching practices aim at support development programs of individuals and focusing on specific development needs of persons/groups. By the end of process, it is aimed at that attainment of organizational targets by whom taken coaching, increase their business and managerial qualities, developing their competences which will enable to become an active leader/manager and re-arrangement of their behaviors in line with desired results.

DVD Orientation Session
DVD sessions are development activities for new recruited employees with groups of 18-20 people by screening exemplary scenes from movies in which properties of Özak Textile departments can be observed.